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Day 32 Glad You Asked

August 10, 2022

Scripture: Revelation 20:10 And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Devotional: Hell exists for God to righteously punish Satan, the prince of darkness. Sometimes when people think about Satan, they visualize a harmless, cartoonish guy in a red suit with a pitchfork. The one who gets on your shoulder and whispers things in your ear.

But we need to understand that Satan is the embodiment of everything evil. Behind every addiction, there is Satan. Behind every horrendous abuse, there's Satan. Behind every mass shooting, there he is. He gives a spirit of fear, pain, shame, and depravity.

Satan is called by Scripture the destroyer, the deceiver, the dark angel, the accuser, the tempter, the wicked one, the thief, the father of lies. He came with a mission to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants to steal your joy. He wants to kill your faith. He wants to destroy your health. He wants to ruin your finances. He wants to obliterate your marriage. He wants to kill your kids. He is the father of lies. 

And Hell? Hell is a necessary place for God to righteously punish the embodiment of all evil.


  • The next time you wonder why Hell exists, remember the evil that has been unleashed in this world and the justice that prevails in punishing it.

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