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At Sunnybrook, we believe that more than any other relationship, marriage is designed to help conform us to the image of Christ. As you face challenges, the opportunity is there to develop in you Christ-like character of unconditional love, mercy and grace. 
But sometimes the road gets a little rough.  And we want to help.  Therefore we offer these resources to help equip and encourage you:
For more information on marriage programs, contact Laurie at  


After completing a marriage assessment, couples will meet with a mentor couple for 8 weeks to focus attention on particular issues, gain fresh perspective and improve communications.


Sometimes it can be helpful to have a pastoral conversation about marital struggles and challenges.  We can provide a response to your situation and/or referrals to local licensed Christian counselors for ongoing counseling.





Side by Side Ministries is pleased to be bringing Don & Renee Worchester back to Siouxland to host a Marriage Retreat. The event is Friday, April 5th - Sunday, April 7th at the Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront. The registration fee is discounted 75% to only $75 per couple. Each couple is responsible for their hotel room and lunches & dinners. For more information on Don and Renee, you can visit their website here: Don & Renee

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One way you can seek God first along with your spouse is to pray together every day- out loud. If that terrifies you, you're not alone. Many couples have never prayed out loud in front of one another - that's why this is considered a challenge. Start off small - you can simply do a one sentence prayer at a meal or before bed. Practice it daily, and if you miss one day, don't miss two. Praying together can change the entire dynamic of your relationship!

As you encounter an area in your marriage this week where you and your spouse disagree, willingly choose to give in. Tell your spouse you are putting what they want ahead of what you want (and no sarcasm allowed). Don't do it begrudgingly, don't trade, and don't throw it back at them after you've done it. It's not a martyr exercise, it's an assignment to practice love and selflessness.

Write your spouse a love note and leave it somewhere they will discover it when you're not around. Tell them how you felt when you first fell in love. Tell them how you love them now and are committed to that love forever.

If you are interested in getting married at Sunnybrook contact Bonnie Van Holland at 712.276.7915 ext. 29 or email her at:  
If you already have a wedding scheduled and have questions, please contact Sylvia Kiel, Wedding Coordinator at

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