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90-Day Tithe Challenge

There's only one place in the Bible where God told His followers to test Him. In the book of Malachi, when teaching about generosity, God said, "Test me in this and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven." But it's not about money. When it comes to our finances, what God really wants for us is our hearts and our trust. 

Tithing- a giving principle that teaches us to give the first 10% of our income to the local church-- is one of the most tangible ways we can worship God. It declares that He is first in our lives and opens our hearts to His plans. If you're not tithing already, a great way to start is the 90-Day Tithe Challenge.

We believe wholeheartedly that God blesses those who live generously, so we want to issue a challenge: Tithe for three months and see what happens. If you don't start to see a transformation in your heart and in your life, we will refund 100% of your tithe from that 90-Day period. If you have questions, take a look at the FAQ's and Guidelines below or contact Tiffany at . If you are ready to take the challenge, just click on the link below to sign up.


When you commit to the challenge you will receive a weekly email with Scripture to encourage you in your journey.



What does my tithe support?

Your tithe goes to Sunnybrook’s general fund, which supports all the ministries of the church, including Kids and Students, Care Ministry, Creative Arts, Missions and Operations. 

Will I receive a year-end tax statement?

Yes.  No matter what method of giving used, your gifts will be recorded and tracked.  Statements are available to view or download at any time.

How do I request a refund?

Requests for a refund must be received 120 days from when you submitted your commitment form, 30 days after your 90-Day Tithe Challenge ends. Your may do so by contacting Tiffany at  or can send a written request to Tiffany Bligh, Finance Director at 5601 Sunnybrook Drive, Sioux City, IA 51106. 


I understand I cannot seek a refund prior to the end of the 90-Day Tithing Challenge or for any contributions made outside the challenge.

I understand my tithe is a gift to the general fund and must be paid to Sunnybrook Church by check, Venmo, recurring gift, or via logged in online giving, so that my tithe can be properly credited.  Click here to give online. 

I agree that for 90 days, I will contribute a tithe equal to 10% of my income. If I am not convinced of God’s faithfulness to transform my heart and life as a result of my obedience to His Word, then I may request a refund at the end of this period.