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Life is better connected

Here at Sunnybrook, our mission is to "Seek those who don't know Jesus, grow those who do, and send those who will." We earnestly desire to help you to know Christ and to live the abundant life to which He has called every believer.

To that end, we have created a Spiritual Growth Pathway to help you identify clear steps for growth in your journey. This includes:

KNOW GOD - through worship and spiritual disciplines

GROW TOGETHER - in groups

SERVE OTHERS - in the church, community, and world

SHARE CHRIST - through inviting and making disciples

This is not a linear pathway, but one that can be circular in nature. Throughout your lifetime you will find yourself engaging in these steps in various ways.

We also believe that growth happens best in the context of community.  Therefore, we offer various ways for you to connect with others.

GROW TOGETHER in groups...


We have multiple support groups that meet regularly in the areas of recovery/assault, grief, divorce, and financial. 

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Small Groups

If you'd like to try out an existing group, there are many ongoing groups that welcome new participants. 

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Sunnybrook Social Groups are a great first step in connecting with others in similar stages of life. 

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Each fall and winter, we host a Groups Launch to birth new small groups through a 10-week study where you can explore faith, experience community, and grow together with others.

The next Groups Launch will be held in the fall.

Ready to Lead?

If you have a personal relationship with Christ, a willingness to facilitate discussion, and a heart for connecting people — you might make a great group leader.