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Day 6 In God We Trust

January 14, 2022

Scripture: Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Devotional: When do you feel most afraid? For me, it’s when I think I am in control or I want to be in control, and I recognize, I have absolutely no control. 


  • No control over a loved one dying.
  • No control over a critical diagnosis.
  • No control over being let go from your job.
  • No control over being misunderstood.
  • No control over being abandoned by one you thought would be forever yours.


When you find yourself experiencing that kind of fear, the best step toward trusting God is a simple prayer: “Lord help me surrender what I cannot control.”

Lord help me surrender what I cannot control.”

When you are afraid, you are feeling something untrusting, but you can act in trusting ways through a simple prayer of surrender.  


  • In what areas are you struggling with control? Pray this prayer of surrender: “Lord help me surrender what I cannot control.”


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