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Relationship Goals Day 17

February 23, 2021

Scripture: Song of Songs 2:15  Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.

Devotional: Yesterday, we were encouraged to stay alert and be aware of our enemy and his distractions and seductions.  One of the ways that he can wreak havoc and destruction in your life is through the foxes; the little things that you might not even notice or pay attention to, but that could eventually ruin your marriage.

Perhaps he is attempting to distract you with a little fox of comparison. Your husband isn't romantic, he doesn't take you out anywhere. There's no real intimate connection but that guy at work, he really knows how to carry a conversation, and he likes to connect with you in a way that is so meaningful. A little fox.

Or your wife doesn’t appreciate you.  But that woman at the gym seems to appreciate all your qualities.  And she’s attentive.  A little fox.

Maybe for you a little fox is just the nitpicky things that drive you crazy about your spouse.  Dirty dishes and clothes on the floor.  Their tardiness or unreliability.  Their free spirit spending or their tight fisted views of money.  Little foxes.

Satan will use these little foxes to cause division in your relationship.   He’s excellent at making little things into big things to the point where you’re “vineyard” becomes a wasteland.


  • Take some time to identify the “little foxes” in your relationship. In what ways are they taking their toll on your relationship?
  • How can you defend yourself against the damage they cause?


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