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Mental Health Resources

Here at Sunnybrook we recognize that these past few years have taken a toll on the emotional and mental health of many of us. And we want to help. That's why we've created this page- to give you and your loved ones tools and resources each week to help provide you with the help you need to navigate these complex issues. You are not alone. God is FOR you and we are too. 

Check out the Peace of Mind Message Series

Follow along with the series Daily Devotions 

Myths of Mental Health- Week 1

Heal My Anxious Mind- Week 2

Battling Depression- Week 3

Negative Thoughts- Week 4

Healing From Trauma- Week 5

Beating Burnout- Week 6

Whatever you're facing, don't face it alone. We provide pastoral care, prayer, marriage, divorce and grief support, addiction recovery, counseling resources―and more.

Prayer, Care & Support