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In the World


Serving in Haiti for over 15 years, we currently partner with Many Hands for Haitand Touch of Hope Haiti. These partnerships focus on education, communitdevelopment, and orphan prevention. Short-term mission trip opportunities aroffered each winter and summer through these partnerships.


Serving our international partner, STEMM, whose ministry has existed iTanzania, Africa for over 20 years focusing on developing the Tanzaniacommunity into a vibrant Christian community through medical, educational anspiritual ministries. Mission trip opportunities are available throughout the yeawith STEMM.


Partnering with the Willow Creek Association to bring the Global LeadershiSummit to Nazareth. Since doing so in 2015, we have built local relationships andhave the privilege of supporting the Baptist School and Friends of Nazareth. Thipartnership includes an annual Holy Land study tour each fall.


Through our partnership with World Vision, we help provide aid for the refugecrisis by financially supporting refugee camps in Syria.


Supporting Mission India in their country-wide ministry work of spreading thgospel through children's bible clubs, adult literacy class, and church plantetraining.

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